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About Solitaire

Solitaire Fitness Pro, is registered Trade Mark of Solitaire International Co based out of Hyderabad. With interests in International Freight Forwarding, Logistics and International Trading in Gulf. Our near future projects in Hyderabad is establishment of Educational Institutes & Boutique Hotels. Solitaire Fitness Pro was established in early 2014 and with in a span of less than 2 years we have established our name in fitness & wellness industry in our selected areas. 

GMS is a state of the art and world-class Software solution for Gyms / Fitness Centres. It is a web-based Software that is easy to use, cost effective, easy accessible from anywhere and extremely reliable. It is complemented by a Mobile App for Android and iOS users. 

The features include CRM, Enquiry Management, Inventory, Billing, Payroll, Leave Management, Notification Management, Financial Accounting, Activity Management, Dashboard, Reports and many other useful features.


We have developed a complete ERP in .net technology for Solitaire fitness centers. Additionally, there is a Mobile App in Android and iOS with features like Diet Chart, Videos, Membership, Workout, Timer, Order History, Feedback, Profile Management.


The Solitaire fitness ERP is a complete solution for Gym Management and Fitness Centers. The Mobile App gives Gym members an easy to use interface to manage their profile and membership. Members can also view personal training details like Diet Chart, Workout Videos, etc.

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