Solitaire Fitness Pro

Solitaire Fitness Pro - Case Study

Solitaire Fitness Pro is a feature-rich state of the art and world-class Software solution for Gyms / Fitness Centres / SPAs. It is an online or web-based Software that provides interactive and ecommerce features features, is easy to use, is cost effective and extremely reliable. It is complemented by a Mobile App for Android and iOS users. The web admin is developed in .net technology. 

Following is the case study of one of our prestigious Client, which is using the Fitness Pro Software. 

Solitaire International Co based out of Hyderabad has interests in International Freight Forwarding, Logistics and International Trading in Gulf. The company is looking to expand into Educational Institutes & Boutique Hotels. 


The system developed by us includes features like CRM including inquiry management, Inventory, Billing, Payroll, Leave Management, Notification Management, Financial Accounting, Activity Management, Dashboard, Reports and many other useful features. The system is also integrated with Biometric devices. 

The Mobile App has features like Diet Chart, Workout Videos, Membership-activation, renewal, freeze, de-activation, cancellation, Workout, Timer, Order History, Feedback, Profile Management, employee Chat. 


The Solitaire Fitness Pro ERP and Mobile App has streamlined the operations and management of chain of Gyms owned by our Client. The interactive features like SMS alerts, reminders, birthday greetings to gym members give a personal touch to gym members. The Chat Mobile App allows employees to interact with each other and quickly exchange information related to holidays, events, mishappenings, etc. Gym members can watch workout videos on their mobile phones thereby reducing the dependency on trainers. The detailed reports and dashboard gives management visibility into the operations without being physically present at all locations. 

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