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AGK Investment

About AGK Investment

AGK INVESTMENTS is a Financial Investment portal that provides all relevant information concerning investments funds and investment portfolios, that seeks to maximize the returns of investors. It is an independent, owner-managed provider of investment solutions. The company is actively engaged in managing a currency investment opportunities hedge fund that provides a global platform for investors to gain from forex expertise.                    
AGK INVESTMENTS needed a development and testing team, which could help them in fulfilling their business requirements:

  1. Attract the market to potential clients to invest with them.
  2. Provide an interface for new/potential clients to register as an investor.
  3. Provide existing clients a view of their current investments – and ability to transfer money to buy or sell the investments.
  4. Allow investment managers to update the NAV / investment value for investors.
  5. Provide a transparent system where an administrator can update client information as per client request.
  6. Provide notification to investors, managers and administrators when a change occurs.


We developed a Web Portal post thorough requirements gathering, analysis and feasibility study as it was a complex domain with a lot of security concerns to be taken care of. The system was designed and implemented in close coordination with the customer.

  1. The business logic was complex.
  2. The Client requirements evolved even during the course of the project.
  3. Prototypes had to be developed at every stage of the project to minimize mistakes and get a clear understanding of output.
  4. Security aspects had to be implemented thoroughly and tested comprehensively as the application dealt with financial data.
  5. UI (user interface) had to be simple, effective and highly responsive.

This Web Portal is developed using Core PHP, JavaScript, AJAX and MySQL. Agile methodology was followed which describes a set of principles for software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams (Development and Testing team).The whole Portal was divided into three main modules: User Portal, Manager Portal and Admin Portal.


The customer received a high quality web application that incorporated the latest technologies. Retaining all features of the legacy application, the new solution provided enhanced functionality. All deliverables were completed on schedule and exceeded quality requirements specified by the customer.