Human Resource Management System

About HRMS

As business conglomerates scan the globe in search of newer market territories, the rigors of keeping a business alive have become far more complex and result oriented from planning to implementation to keeping morale high, CEOs along with the support of strategic HR have their job cut out.

This is where Acuminous Software’s HRMS adds value.

The HRMS is a system that consists of a cycle of activities including HR Administration and Employee Life Events, Recruitment, Performance Management, Training Management, Travel and Expense Management, Payroll, Leave Management, Time & Attendance Management, HR Analytics and every other detail that can help bring out the very best in your employees.


HRMS helps organizations and business leaders maximize organizational human performance and thereby deliver business growth.

Some of the modules in our HRMS Software are mentioned below:

Leave and Attendance:

This module offers a host of features to manage leave and attendance of employees. The best part is that the leave profile which keeps the records of the entire leave policy of the organization is completely customizable to suit the needs in a better way.


This module gives three key benefits to any organization using it, they are– detailed performance metrics, easy and inexpensive customization, and cost reduction. It allows you to analyze extensive reports to know the effectiveness of your sourcing processes and methodologies.

Travel and Expense:

This module facilitates travel request and expense reimbursement processes efficiently. The request process goes through initiation and approval phases same as leave application module. A user initiates the request, it goes to the authority for approval and the status is notified to back to the user.


The main features of our training module in the HRMS are: 

  • Creates training courses
  • Communicates the schedules and course details
  • Identifies Training needs
  • Assigns trainers and venues and generate related
  • correspondence

The HRMS Software is a complete solution for HR consisting of features to manage HR Administration and Employee Life Events, Recruitment, Performance, Training, Travel and Expense, Payroll, Leave, Time & Attendance, etc. 

The Business benefits are:

  • Provides a platform leading to transparent business-to-employee communication.
  • Aids in aligning individual goals to organizational goals.
  • Provides a single window Web based portal for all HR processes, reducing administrative costs.
  • Consolidates all employee information in one central repository eliminating the need for multiple employee data files.
  • Empowers HR leaders to engage and manage the real assets in business: The Employees
  • Supports informed decision making through reporting tools.
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