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We recommend all visitors to our website to read the Privacy Policy of Acuminous Software Pvt Ltd.

Acuminous Software is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information that visitors may provide for information purposes. This information is necessary in order to provide appropriate service.

Our client’s information will only be used for their project purposes and will not be distributed, sold or rented to any third party without taking Client’s consent.

Visitors need to ensure that the submitted data/information does not infringe upon the Copyright act. The visitors are under no obligation to share personal details with us. Whatever information is shared with us is voluntary  Acuminous Software shall not verify the accuracy of the information source unless required.

Acuminous Software website may have links to other websites such as our partners and affiliates. Acuminous Software is not responsible for the content or the privacy of these affiliated websites or any other links that redirect the user to external sites. Acuminous Software may also display the logo of direct or indirect customers.

Use Of Website
  • It is strictly prohibited to steal any type of data in form of Design, Text or Image  from our website “”
  • It is strictly prohibited to upload any type of “Virus, Spam, or Pornography content on our website “”                                                  
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