Software Development

Why Software Testing Must Integrate Business Needs with Technical Knowhow

As a Canada and India-based software developer that also offers software testing services, we have noticed similar trends in these markets and even the world when it comes to software development and testing. Among other things, we have, as a rule, noticed that there is a time during the software development lifecycle when software testing […]

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What You Need to Check in a School ERP Software Before You Buy

School Management Software

A school ERP software should take care of all matters that can be automated and help streamline the overall work. It should also help parents understand how their children are doing and allow them to communicate with the teachers easily. However, most school authorities are unaware of what they need to check before they choose […]

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Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask before Choosing a Software Application Development Firm

Software Development and Testing Company

It is a difficult job for anyone looking for a software development services company. Just typing in something like ‘software developer’ in Google or Bing brings forth a number of firms, each claiming to be the best or the most qualified. However, software development goes beyond a good-looking website, a stylish brochure or content that looks […]

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The Different Phases in a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) (Part II)

In continuation of our earlier post on different phases in a software development life cycle, in this post, we look at: System Design Development Testing Installation and Deployment Maintenance and Upgrades The prior phases of Preliminary Analysis and Concept Proposal, Requirement Analysis, and Planning and Resource Allocation have been covered in the previous post. System […]

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