January 27, 2018

5 Tasks that Apps Can Help You Do to Manage Your School Better

School management Software

We have often said how a school management software solution that is integrated with various school mobile apps can make the administration and management work easier. In this post, we look at the 5 jobs they can automate and much they can help the management, teachers and parents.

Job #1: Entry and exit from school:

Security of students, teachers and the staff has become an important aspect of day-to-day management. With news coming in every few weeks of some security problem or the other in schools, it makes sense to implement entry and exit barriers that check for prohibited items and also track who has entered the premises and who has left. The apps can also check the attendance of students, the faculty and the staff.

Job #2: Entry and exit from areas inside the school:

If there are entry and exit checks through card-based entry in certain areas such as classrooms, gym, washrooms, locker rooms, sports field, laboratories, etc., the staff can monitor exactly who is where. For example, if there are certain staff members who are prone to take more breaks or students who bunk classes more often than others, the card-based entry system can check for them specially. An ERP software development firm like us can easily put in features that allow the administration and staff to track the movement of certain individuals on a more regular basis.

Job #3: Tracking and managing class and home assignments:

It is a proven fact that students who do their studies regularly score better in tests and do well in life later on. Essential traits of character such as hard-work, perseverance, patience, dedication, etc. are more in children who complete their assignments on time. But checking and managing assignments is not easy. Teachers usually have more work they can handle. If data for who has completed assignments and who has not is automated, the teacher will be able to track the performance of students over weeks and months. Intelligent apps can also show trends such as how the test scores vary between students who complete assignments and those who do not. Sharing such data with the students can help them understand the importance of regular work and this can be a valuable life lesson. Also, apps can be built to let students collaborate on a school or class learning management system, and teachers can easily track this data and educate the children better.

Job #4: Day-to-day school management:

Quite a few factors come into play in every day management of an institute. Simple tasks such as powering on the motor to fill the water tank or swimming pool, repair of electrical faults, availability of first aid kits in the school first-aid centre, checking attendance of students and teachers, allocating temporary teachers to take classes of absent teachers, etc. can create big problems if not managed well. All these jobs and more can be automated with an ERP software.

For instance, the janitor can use his school mobile app to see his daily schedule of tasks for the current day and in future and can use the app to tick off the work done. This data can then be transferred to the staff who know through their app if certain tasks are yet to be done. The overall management work can become quite easy and streamlined with a range of such school mobile apps. Most work being automated and done by a lesser number of resources also lead to substantial cost savings.

Job #5: Parent-teacher interactions

A key element to run a successful school is the parent-teacher interactions. True, that PTA meetings help a lot in helping the children develop as more well-rounded persons, but they only happen every few months. Apps that are specifically designed for such interactions and which help the parents track in near real-time how their children are performing in their class and school are better for everyday needs. The teachers and parents interacting more regularly also lead to a more collaborative environment that only aid the students and consequently, the school.