January 5, 2018

3 Simple Ways to Utilise Chatbots in Mobile Apps for an Institution

School Management Software

As technology gets more intelligent, it is bridging the communication gap between institutions and students and providing new insights to drive better user experience. In this post, we look at how chatbots are helping institutions understand what students and parents are looking for and provide them the right solutions.

Automation is essential to save time and complete repetitive tasks. With a simple series of commands and messages, it is now possible to get a wide range tasks completed in a short span of time. Ever since chatbots were made smart enough to process natural language and understand user intent, they have been used in all kinds of web and mobile apps to answer user queries.

Because of their efficiency in understanding words and user intent and providing suitable solutions, most campus management system software these days come with fully-functional chatbots. Here are three ways in which you can use chatbots in mobile apps:

•Course Registration:
The registration process for the students in a course can be a tedious task if it has to be done manually. Considering the number of courses an education institution offers, this can quickly add up to be a major task that consumes a lot of productive time for the administrative staff. Intelligent chatbots can complete this job just as effectively in half the time as manual registration.

•Assignments: Keeping a bot to keep a track of student assignment, assignment deadlines, etc. is beneficial for the faculty in more ways than one. They do not have to remind the students about the pending assignments or keep a track of the students that have submitted the assignments. Teachers can use a bot to send reminders when the submission deadlines are close, record the assignments submitted by the students, and submit a summary of the records for further action. It will reduce the work required for school mobile apps management.

•Feedback and Surveys: Getting feedback from a large number of students and then processing it to use the information can make anyone’s head spin. However, these days chatbots can take over this task easily. The software is smart enough to distribute the right feedback forms and process the data received. Because of the conversational nature of the interaction with chatbots, more students are likely to comply with survey deadlines and provide the right feedback.

An ERP software development company can provide chatbots with the ERP software based on your needs. You can use chatbots to interact with prospective users who land on your mobile app and are looking for information. Most people are familiar with messaging platforms and would be able to extract the information they need easily.